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Now, help us spread the word to your network of cybersecurity professionals! EC-Council has made Hacker Halted free this year to help our community during this difficult and unprecedented time, but we need your help to get the word out and we’re excited about the rewards you can earn by referring your friends.

Want to get access to 100+ Premium
Cybersecurity Courses for free?

Refer your friends to earn 75 points (each referral will get you 10 points) to get unlimited free access
to 100+ courses for 60 days.

How it Works:

Share with Friends

Share the link below with your friends through social media or through email.

Win Points for Every Signup

For every friend who signs up, you will gain 10 points that you can redeem for exclusive prizes.

Win Exclusive Prizes

For every friend who signs up, you AND your friend will win rewards!

What you can win:

With our new referral program, you will be able to able to win from your very
first referral and continue to win more valuable prizes the more you refer.

Note: You must attend at least one day of our Free Hacker Halted virtual conference in order to be eligible for these rewards.

20 Points

3 Months of Access to a Pro License of Aware:
EC-Council’s Security Awareness Training App!

Security awareness training prepares members of an organization, including employees, contractors, temporary workers, and everyone else that completes authorized functions online for an organization, with the necessary information to defend themselves and secure their organization’s assets from damage or loss.


75 Points

60-day Access to CodeRed Pro

With CodeRed Pro, you will be able to access 100+ premium courses and 4000+ videos on new technologies and skills in Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Web Development, and more! This will also include access to all future courses on the platform (new courses are added to CodeRed every two weeks)

Grand Prize

Free EC-Council Training

The top 50 participants based on points will be rewarded with their choice of on-demand, online training for any of the EC-Council Programs below.

The next top 50 will be rewarded with the CEH Practical Exam Voucher.

*CEH Practical (voucher only – no training included)

You must attend at least one day of our Free Hacker Halted virtual conference in order to be eligible for these rewards.

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