The theme for Hacker Halted 2017 is The Art of Cyber War: Lessons from Sun Tzu. 2,500 years ago, Sun Tzu wrote 13 chapters on military strategy. Fast forward to today and we are still learning from those chapters and applying them in our newfound digital age.

In an age where war is waged over cables and microchips instead of battlefields, one challenge is defining what war is and when war should be declared. Boundaries are being eroded as the globalization of technology continues its march across our physical landscape. Come learn strategies for Cyber War: Hacker Halted 2017.

Conference at a Glance

Hacker Halted 2017 focused on the teachings of Sun Tzu as applied to cyberwarfare. The Hacker Halted speaker committee combed through the dizzying stack of submissions to form the agenda for this year’s conference with a special focus on presentations that take the Chinese strategist’s lessons to heart and apply them to the cyberwars being fought every day across the world.

In a change to Hacker Halted’s long standing tracks, this year’s committee chose three brand new tracks that focus on aspects of Tzu’s teachings.

Track 1: All Cyber War is Based on Deception
Track 2: Philosophy of Cyber
Track 3: Tech Behind Cyberwar

All-Star Team of Security Veterans

Hacker Halted’s 2017 speaker committee was an all-star team of security veterans. Winn Schwartau, Founder of The Security Awareness Company and “security guy since 1983,”; Chris Roberts, Chief Security Architect at Acalvio Technologies; Aamir Lakhani, Dr. Chaos and Global Security Strategist and Researcher at Fortinet; Joe Gray, Enterprise Security Consultant at Sword and Shield; and Adrian Crenshaw, Senior Security Consultant at TrustedSec, LLC bring their vast networks and expertise to the task of filling the agenda with the top security minds in the industry.

Showcase of Over 30 Exhibitors

Hacker Halted saw over 30 exhibitors showcasing their products and services for the two days of the conference including RevBits, Incl, Lynx, Swimlane, Prevalent, IBM, and DarkTrace. Chiron held a Capture the Flag game that attracted over 100 attendees while Augusta LockSports hosted a lock-picking station to challenge attendees’ physical security skills!

CybersecJobs Career Fair

Hacker Halted also added a new component to its annual agenda by bringing a career fair to conference goers and the Atlanta community. Over 500 attended as they networked with large corporations interested in hiring IT professionals at all levels. The career fair was hosted by CyberSecJobs, an organization dedicated to improving the information security industry and its professionals.

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