Chiron’s Pyramid Capture the Flag (CTF) competition has a different perspective from most CTFs you’ll find at conferences and on-line events. The Pyramid is an individually played CTF within a contained virtual network by using either the (very) limited laptops provided or your own laptops (not designed for team play). Players can access the Pyramid throughout the day for any period of time. This allows more opportunities for participation for those that want to attend certain talks at conferences, but also want an opportunity to try their hand at the CTF. We provide each player a Chiron Linux “attack” VM (very familiar to Kali Linux) via USB thumb drive. Players will access the closed CTF network via (DHCP) and connect to the scoreboard via HTTP. Players will have opportunities to capture flags from both within their Attack VM and off of 15 hosts on the Pyramid. The Pyramid hosts are displayed on one or more projector screens for all players to see and reflect, by changing colors, if those hosts have been exploited. There are 4 levels on the Pyramid that increase in difficulty and represent deeper networked hosts. On a different display, we project the standings of all players in the CTF by three different categories: most hosts captured, highest level on the pyramid, and most flags captured.

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