Hacker Halted 2011

Hacker Halted USA 2011 is a comprehensive hacker conference covering a broad topic area to provide IT professionals a platform to understand and discuss today's information security environment. Unlike any other hacker conferences, Hacker Halted covers real information security issues and discusses solutions that fit into global security attacks scenarios, and sheds light on how to deal with increasing threats, compliance as well as regulatory issues.

Hacker Halted Global Series

The objective of this industry-leading hacker conference series is to raise international awareness towards increased education  and ethics in Information Security. This hacker conference covers in-depth topics  into the development of security issues plaguing the world. In addition to highlighting current digital security threat, renowned speakers and industry experts will also discuss the various means of protection and countermeasures in dealing with those threats.

Since 2004, Hacker Halted has been organized in many cities around the world, including Miami, Myrtle Beach, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico City, Cairo, Taipei, Guangzhou and Tokyo, among others.


Hacker Halted Attendees

This hacker conference series is aimed at providing the opportunity to CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CFOs, Senior IT Professionals and all other decision makers to assess the best practices in acquiring, implementing, managing and measuring information security.

At this hacker conference, attendees will have the unique opportunity to assess and be better informed about the latest technologies and the best solutions that are being showcased all in one place. This is truly a premier hacker conference that should not be missed.

The Hacker Halted series aspires to be a complete and comprehensive hacker conference series cum workshop that will educate and equip its participants with the in-depth knowledge of understanding the threats and countermeasures needed to overcome vulnerabilities in today’s information security environment around the world.

Should you be interested to host a Hacker Halted in your region/country, please write to:

Leonard Chin
Director of Marketing, Conferences & Events